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Bridging the Gap…

I have always been passionate about learning, on people, on things, on life, wherever I can. I also love sharing with people my experience and knowledge, after over 40+ years struggling through life and my own integration to a society that is so far away from my own country of birth.

This blog is about sharing some success learning strategies for those who are also looking for ways to optimize their work and study. With technological advances, the road to certification seems to be less complicated than in my lifetime, as a non-native English or French speaker who has to overcome a lot of prejudices because of my different look and values.

Through this end-of-career project, on which I have been working for the past seven years, while doing my doctoral studies which I started at age 55, I am now happy to present my “baby” in the form of a virtual corporation to provide solutions to your educational needs in lifelong learning. For some of you, it is just another service among a multitude of others, but for the rest of teachers who ate less fortunate, this could be a life-changing experience, thanks to this change in online training and distance learning methods.

Tools such as LMS support, Video Conference Live Chat, and Study guides for your self-learning are useful and necessary for some of you, who cannot benefit from the conditions offered to others who are more lucky in this lifetime.

In case you find this blog useful, feel free to share around…

Thanks and may God bless you,

Anita H.

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