Vietnam in transition: reflections on Change (2)

Impact of Change on Personal Transformation Relating to my personal experience is the easiest way to start. I was one the first very few successful candidates from South Vietnam with a French school background among the 43’000 applicants nationwide to enrol on the post-war first batch of students. Therefore, my experience as a first-generation post-warContinue reading “Vietnam in transition: reflections on Change (2)”


Vietnam in transition: some reflections on Change

Introduction Among Asian countries that have successfully integrated Western education into their post-colonial modernisation process, the case of Vietnam is an excellent example of this transformation. From an agrarian-based community with deeply rooted Eastern tradition until early 20C, this young nation has become a vibrant and modern nation with enormous potential for development by theContinue reading “Vietnam in transition: some reflections on Change”

Studying Buddhism: On Sharing Common Values

Pursuing my research on Eastern and Western values for my book collection, my mind is waggering left and right, as I continue to discover more and more on the human mind, seen from the viewpoint of an Asian, and a Buddhist. Working on my book series on Education, Cultures and Ethics in the Vietnamese context,Continue reading “Studying Buddhism: On Sharing Common Values”

Tips on international studies

While reviewing my past work on this topic, I am sharing some notes posted on my page some time ago. Discipline: International Studies & Global Governance.  Type of Degree /Diploma: DAS, pre-MBA, IOMBA, EMBA, DBA, Ph.D. Recommended Courses for International Business, click here. Key Concepts: Development Studies, Public Governance, Comparative environmental frameworks, Geo- andContinue reading “Tips on international studies”