A New Turning Point Note #12

12. Being good (Reposting from my LinkedIn Account) I found a small note I wrote some years ago, about ‘Being good’ which I would like to share with you. First I would like to share with you this link on Lotus flowers, sign of purity in Buddhism. These pictures are the most beautiful piece ofContinue reading “A New Turning Point Note #12”

A New Turning Point Note #8

8. Pourquoi écrire ? (Reposting from my LinkedIn Account) On a quelquechose à donner, on ne sait pas quoi, on ne sait pas à qui mais c’est là, alors on prend un crayon, on trace, on dépose les petits cailloux, on sait qu’on reviendra et que ces petits cailloux nous parleront. Nous n’avons pas tantContinue reading “A New Turning Point Note #8”

A New Turning Point Note #11

11. Coming Home (Reposting from my LinkedIn Account) I sincerely believe that the character of a child is built since his young days in the family. I think Vietnamese people rarely have psychical problems because they always “reset” from the shock of external inputs by the presence of family members or friends around them. AtContinue reading “A New Turning Point Note #11”

A New Turning Point Note #9

9. Communicating Across Cultures My few postings of the past 10 days have earned me a few comments and some more friends, an encouraging sign, given the insignificance of my stories as compared to the burning issues that are challenging our everyday life. Nonetheless, I believe that if each of us do our duty, andContinue reading “A New Turning Point Note #9”

A New Turning Point Note #7

7. Know Thyself (Reposting from my LinkedIn account) Another month is starting. It is already September, and soon it will be Christmas, and after that, another year: 2015. That is how R. relates to time. For him, when comes September, this means already the end of the year. And likewise, for me, so goes theContinue reading “A New Turning Point Note #7”

A New Turning Point Note #4

4. Finding the Right Audience (Reposting from my linkedIn profile) Incredible, I think I hit the jackpot in communication! Thank you ALL! For years, I was targeting the wrong audience, by communicating massively on Facebook, instead of LinkedIN. Indeed, I was posting regularly recommendations on useful readings on Books on Vietnam under my facebook page:Continue reading “A New Turning Point Note #4”

A New Turning Point – Note #5

5. Finding the Right Audience The secret for an effective communication is to address the right audience. Not only, you need to use the right language, that means a content expressed in words that belong to the trade, for instance, in business, the term ‘business plan‘, ‘executive summary‘, ‘return on investment‘, ‘payback period‘, etc. areContinue reading “A New Turning Point – Note #5”

A New Turning Point – Note #3

Note #3. Getting Organized My introspection task list is still not yet finished. Reviewing past posts reminds me of my past resolutions at different turning points of my short existence as a Scholar. My boss has given me a nick name: ‘the youngest doctor’ in town… ha ha! Here is an updated version of note#3Continue reading “A New Turning Point – Note #3”