Vietnam in transition: some reflections on Change

Introduction Among Asian countries that have successfully integrated Western education into their post-colonial modernisation process, the case of Vietnam is an excellent example of this transformation. From an agrarian-based community with deeply rooted Eastern tradition until early 20C, this young nation has become a vibrant and modern nation with enormous potential for development by theContinue reading “Vietnam in transition: some reflections on Change”


Studying Buddhism: On Sharing Common Values

Pursuing my research on Eastern and Western values for my book collection, my mind is waggering left and right, as I continue to discover more and more on the human mind, seen from the viewpoint of an Asian, and a Buddhist. Working on my book series on Education, Cultures and Ethics in the Vietnamese context,Continue reading “Studying Buddhism: On Sharing Common Values”

Call for paper: Culture and Ethics in Context

Starting my Saturday morning with a cup of coffee (actually for me it’s a cup of tea), and reflecting on what I can learn from other research fellows in applied ethics in the context of Vietnam to include in my reflections in my coming book “Vietnam in transition: 30 years later…”. Culture and Ethics playContinue reading “Call for paper: Culture and Ethics in Context”

Reading “The Future of Islam and the West”

Political philosophy seems to be the favorite topic of discussions among my peers. After my first posting on this WordPress platform, I am encouraged to move further with exploring ideas pertaining to how we should be governed, and by whom. As I have spent the last ten years exploring the “other face of the coin”Continue reading “Reading “The Future of Islam and the West””

Tips on international studies

While reviewing my past work on this topic, I am sharing some notes posted on my page some time ago. Discipline: International Studies & Global Governance.  Type of Degree /Diploma: DAS, pre-MBA, IOMBA, EMBA, DBA, Ph.D. Recommended Courses for International Business, click here. Key Concepts: Development Studies, Public Governance, Comparative environmental frameworks, Geo- andContinue reading “Tips on international studies”