A New Turning Point – Note #3

Note #3. Getting Organized

My introspection task list is still not yet finished. Reviewing past posts reminds me of my past resolutions at different turning points of my short existence as a Scholar. My boss has given me a nick name: ‘the youngest doctor’ in town… ha ha!

Here is an updated version of note#3 published on my Linkedin space some years ago.

“Sometimes, Monday is a difficult day to start the week. I guess it is why most organisations fix their staff meetings on this day to motivate each other for the workload awaiting them ahead.

I started mine with reviewing the IMPORTANT, the URGENT, the PLANNED, and the ACHIEVED lists of tasks as usual. I must admit that the list is getting longer each time in either direction – whether being ‘planned and achieved’, or ‘planned and urgent’, or ‘planned and important’. As time goes by and my retirement approaching, and I have to do some extra efforts to cut down some of which, by hindsight, do not seem so relevant to my priorities any more.

I find it useful somehow to retrieve old notes which are under KIV (kept in view) and read through them with a new perspective. Looking through to some programs offered by the Association of Business Executives (Short name: ABE) to Vietnamese students, guess what did I find? An Alibaba cave full of unexploited jewelries. Wow, thank you, Sesame!

In my last post reviews, I mentioned about being grateful and counting my blessings. Well, it’s the case now as the information which I got here was presented to me by a third party – my Vietnamese academy partner – the Saigon University. I had found them through the recommendation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), and have found my counterpart representative, Dr Le Hong Son, a young lecturer who speaks fluent English, to be a very resourceful person and very dynamic partner. That’s how I got the information on ABE, and am thankful that I kept my files in a secure and ordered folder.

As this above example is one which reminds me of the importance of filing and retrieving information, I am of the opinion that getting organised is a key success factor in your learning process.

I started my first job upon arrival to Switzerland as a ‘Sacharbeiter’ (which means specialist in German), by doing statistics and management accounting. My direct boss holds a doctor degree in economics and was working on the remuneration scheme for the 67 agencies that are part of the Insurance company I was working for. No need to say how much data I had been processing through at that time where company of over a thousand employees in a small city of 150’000 people in Switzerland could deal with the limited technologies at the time (1985) as compared to what we are now enjoying in our data processing tasks.

It turned out that this initiation to data processing was shaping my entire existence and was very useful for my market research and other position as financial analyst, marketing director, programme director which I have occupied over the years. So, my message here is: a small and boring job can lead to something great later on, if you have the right mindset to learn about the trade and get the right skills, under the right leadership who has vision and competence. It was my case, and has been throughout my whole career….

Coming back to my workload of re-evaluating my acquired knowledge, I have started going through the podcasts on HR Development strategies, then moved on to the Leadership, Change and People Performance, following the selection on Education, Learning and Development, published by Emerald Group Publishing. My interest is also about Organisational Behaviour, International Business, Marketing Strategies and Planning, just to name a few. Through this daily exercice, my mind has started ‘connecting the dots’ between the disciplines that I have learned throughout the years of training, either within the MBA programme or the DBA programme that I have just completed in 2018.

I guess the transformation inside yourself does not happen at once. Slowly the knowledge acquired is crystallised into something that is part of yourself and not a clone copy of the textbooks you have been reading and trying to memorise for your exams. Scholarly research work is a good guidance for you to plan your own study plan for what you want to achieve academically and reach the professional objectives for your next move too.

For instance, the tips on Research Management under this link has been very useful for my research work http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/research/guides/management/index.htm”

There are numerous examples of research methodologies that can inspire to do your research, so keep exploring and constitute yourself a literature review of what has been done in the area of your expertise, and what needs to be explored further.

My main message to you here is, to keep on trying until you find a way to organise your research work for efficiency and effectiveness, while not forgetting the academic objectives that allow you to reach your personal and professional career plan.

Good luck and keep on trying…

Anita H.


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