Call for paper: Culture and Ethics in Context

Starting my Saturday morning with a cup of coffee (actually for me it’s a cup of tea), and reflecting on what I can learn from other research fellows in applied ethics in the context of Vietnam to include in my reflections in my coming book “Vietnam in transition: 30 years later…”.

Culture and Ethics play an important part of Vietnam’s intercultural exchange with the outer world at the present time.

Inspired by my preferred author, Nguyen Hien Le, who has greatly contributed to the bridge between East and West through his translation of Western authors and research works on the Han-viet classics studies, I also discovered another author that merits attention, Truong Vinh Ky, whose works left a great impact to modern Vietnamese literature.

My next book’s title will be “Vietnam : Lessons for the 21st Century” reflecting on how the case study of Vietnam’s transformation in the last century can serve as lessons to a peaceful and harmonious co-habitation between nations and peoples in the World. Looking forward to your feedback.

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Anita H.


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