Tips on international studies

While reviewing my past work on this topic, I am sharing some notes posted on my page some time ago.

  • Discipline: International Studies & Global Governance. 
  • Type of Degree /Diploma: DAS, pre-MBA, IOMBA, EMBA, DBA, Ph.D.
  • Recommended Courses for International Business, click here.
  • Key Concepts: Development Studies, Public Governance, Comparative environmental frameworks, Geo- and Ecopolitics, World Politics, Responsible Leadership, Ethics in Politics, Global Ethics Applied, International Economic Law, UN Environmental and Educational Framework, UN SDG framework.
  • Partner Institutions who provide these types of courses are mainly partner universities in Switzerland, France, UK, US.
  • Career opportunities: Environmental and Educational Experts, International Business Development, Expert in Intercultural Communications, Certified Ethics Professionals across sectors, Teaching and Research in Global Ethics and Sustainable Development.

For Vietnamese students, I would recommend some skill enhancement courses such as:

Hope this helps,

Anita H.


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