Some thoughts on political philosophy

For years, I tried to find an answer to my question about the social responsibility of the State as a corporate entity. For me, the organization of the government of a State resembles that of a corporation.

I started with the definitions on “social contract” with Rousseau, and the “utilitarian approach” with Bentham, to then moved on to the principle of “justice” with Rawls to understand the justification of the State and its main role in providing an identity to the nation it represents, and to provide shelter and protection of its citizens from all misdeeds arising from the lack of authority – or anarchy – as described in Hobbes’s work.

On the question of representative democracy and “who should rule”, Plato and Rousseau enlightened me on the notion of “Republic” and “general will” through their work.

On the question of “how to rule”, the questions arisen are on how much liberty we – as citizens – are willing to give away to exchange against the security promised by our government. The question on “liberalism” is the debate between different schools (Adam Smith, Ricardo, J.S. Mill, J.M. Keynes, Karl Marx) around how much should the State interfere into our private sphere.

Then comes the question on distributive justice, in the form of tax incentives, property rights, social justice, issues that are treated by authors such as J. Locke, Rawls, Marx and other modern authors on the role of capital in the organisation of society.

The question on “responsible leadership” by the State is about how to design institutions that protect and enhance equality and sustainable development by the responsible usage of resources of the planet, in order to preserve our healthy relationship between humans and nature, humans in society, and the individuals as part of the humanity.

Jonathan Wolff’s Introduction to political philosophy provided answers which really clarified some doubts in my knowledge on this topic. Political Philosopy as a topics of study seems to be so much logical for me, and I highly recommend his book.

Have a good day, and see you in my next post.

Anita H.


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