Edu-news: “Studying in the UK”

  • Check if a university or college is officially recognised (link: Institutions that offer degree-level courses in the UNK are called either ‘recognized’ or listed bodies. Recognized bodies are higher learning institutions that can award degrees. Listed bodies cannot award degrees themselves. If you study a degree at a listed body, your degree will be awarded by a recognized body.
  • Useful address: Look for education and learning :
  • Universities and higher education:
  • Recognised Awards: Certain bodies or institutions can award their own unique degrees (or recognised awards) such as the Mastership in Clinical Biochemistry (issued by the Association for clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine), the Degree of Barrister-at-Law (issued by The Benchers of the Honourable Society of the Inn of Court of Northern Ireland), the Mastership in Food Control (awarded jointly by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society of Biology, and the Institute of Food Science and Technology).
  • for more information on the UK systems, contact me at

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